Strength You Can Depend On!

Floor System

Barn Floor Strength Demonstration

We all know it starts with a foundation. Our foundation establishes strength and will last a lifetime.
Our Floor System Consists of:
  • 5/8” Treated Plywood
  • 4“x6” Treated Notched Runners
  • 2”x4” Treated Floor Joists
Barn Floor Construction

Door System

Storage Barn Door Strength
Our door is engineered using a vertical design for extra strength.
Storage Barn Door Hinge
Heavy duty 6” hinge with bushing
Storage Barn T-latch
T-latch with key
Door Bolt Latch
Spring-barrel bolt latch

Roof System

Storage Barn Roof

We use the new legacy panel 29 gauge metal on our roofs to extend the life of your shed.